Thank you for your support!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your help and support. It has been an honor to work with so many people dedicated to the future of the 3rd Ward.

Thank you for spreading our message of inclusion and diversity, and including women as equal voices in establishing, developing and continuing to shape our city, and recognizing their contributions in our success over our eight years. This is what community building is about!

By working together, our ward has grown, and is thriving. It is safer and vibrant. It is an example of the can do attitude built on our strengths of diversity, family, focus on public safety, business development, housing & transit improvements, community participation, defining art into all aspects of our neighborhoods, renewal of our Riverfront as the front porch of our city, and the development of new leaders.

Together we can be proud of the progress we have made: Thank you for your support

  • The first affordable green, sustainable housing project in the City of Minneapolis starting with Hawthorne Eco Village, and host of President Jimmy Carter, with Vice President Mondale, World Wide Habitat for Humanity Day in 2010; Enhanced our riverfront by adding Sheridan Memorial Park and the 8-acre Scherer Brothers Park in Northeast; protected our natural resources;
  • Thank you to Governor Dayton for his support and his leadership in working with us on invasive species, which threaten our Mississippi River, and his support for making the Plymouth Avenue Bridge a top priority for bonding at the State legislature.
  • The Plymouth Avenue Bridge has been reduced from a four lanes of traffic to two dedicated bike, pedestrian lanes, and signals a new relationship to our Riverfront, and the RiverFirst projects in Northeast.
  • The University District Alliance, a historic new relationship has joined our Southeast neighborhoods with the City Council 3rd and 2nd ward offices, the University of Minnesota,and City of Minneapolis to further collaboration between and for the benefit of the partners.
  • This year, the 8th annual NeighborhoodFEST, brought more than 3,000 people together to celebrate our neighborhoods, our city, our riverfront, and our diversity.

Residents connected with our city departments, sampled food from our great businesses and celebrated our unique 3rd Ward at this signature event!

As a city council member, I strived to make opportunities for a variety of Thank you for your supportindividuals from the Ward and the city. It has always been one of my goals to create opportunities for students to participate in the inner workings of the Minneapolis City Council office. Through part-time and internship roles, more than 20 people served our Ward and city in the 3rd Ward office. Their participation were rich resources for our city and broad experiences for them as they prepared for their future.

Within the city council there is the balance of debate and partnership. Professionalism and independence allows city council members to best serve their Ward and our city, and I relish the conversations we had as we discussed pressing issues that would influence our collective futures.

My focus now is to pass our 2014 budget and prepare for the next phase for our Ward and our city. Moving forward, I'll be exploring ways to continue my civic engagement, using my vision and background in finance, city council and community building in order to continue making Minneapolis the greatest city!

The 3rd Ward is a stunning example of the potential this city has and can continue to achieve. As residents and voters, each of us has a voice and the responsibility to use it to continue working on the issues that move us.

Thank you all, again, for your support. It has been an honor to represent our 3rd Ward!

Best wishes,

Diane Hofstede


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