Jobs and Community Development in Minneapolis River Neighborhoods

Jobs and Community - Economic DevelopmentCities grow or shrink based on their success in attracting investments — investments that bring residential, commercial, and industrial development projects to their City. When small and large business investors decide...Read More

Housing and Livability in the Third Ward

Sustainable New Development • Efficiency Retrofitting • Green Housing Renewal • Senior Housing • Livability Issues

Our “new” Third Ward, includes both the City’s oldest neighborhood (Marcy-Holmes) and the City’s newest residential area (Downtown East & West)...

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Promoting Good Stewardship of Our Natural Resources

Air quality, ground water, noise and light pollution all have an impact on Third Ward residents. There is much that can be done to prevent and remediate pollution problems, reduce our use of landfills, and improve our environment...

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Keeping the City on Solid Financial Footing While Providing Efficient Services

I have had many opportunities to bring my background in financial services to bear in my role as your Third Ward City Council member, as a steward of best financial practices and as chair of the Audit committee and member of the Ways and Means/Budget Committee, to ensure adequate financial oversight...

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Minneapolis Local Food Initiatives

Food is an issue that hits home with everyone. We’ve seen an explosion of urban agriculture activity around the country and Minneapolis is working to stay in the lead. I led on this issue as a member of the implementation task force...

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The University District Alliance Partnership

In 2007 the Minnesota legislature approved $1.5 million to create a formal relationship called the University District Alliance. I was instrumental in the formation of this historic partnership...

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