Working for a Better Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood

Home Ownership & Student Housing • Livability Issues • Transit • Development

It is my honor to represent the residents and businesses of the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood. This is a vibrant, diverse and active community with wonderful schools and eclectic business hubs that attract people from across the City. It’s a great place to live and work.

Together we have made significant progress in the past six years:

  • I supported the plan to rehab the historic Pillsbury A-Mill on Third and Main, adding 225 affordable housing units of artist lofts, as well as studio space and performance space.
  • In 2011, Marcy-Holmes saw a 51% reduction in noisy/unruly assemblies.
  • The university and the neighborhood are now working together to smooth the tumultuous period of time when students are moving in and moving out of housing.
  • The University of Minnesota provided $60,000 to the City of Minneapolis for enhanced police enforcement in neighborhoods around the University campus, including Marcy-Holmes, specifically for games at the U of M TCF Stadium.

Housing and Livability: Housing, livability and safety have been the primary concerns of those in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood. I’ve worked to bring the neighborhood and the University to the table to address areas of concern and significant progress has been made. These are a few of the ongoing collaborative initiatives on which I serve as your City Council member.

  • Southeast Strategic Compliance Team: This is a partnership of the Third Ward office, the 2nd Police Precinct, Regulatory Services and the neighborhood. It addresses housing issues and the affect “party houses” have on livability in the neighborhood.
  • I convene a semi-annual Livability Committee meeting with University of Minnesota Department heads and the 2nd Minneapolis Police Precinct and the University of Minnesota Police Department to find solutions to livability problems within University neighborhoods, ranging from resident behavior to problem properties.
  • The University District Alliance is a partnership between the U of M and its students, neighborhoods surrounding the University of Minnesota, area businesses and the City of Minneapolis. The goal of the Alliance is to preserve, maintain and increase homeownership in the district, to reverse the trend to convert owner-occupied housing to rental housing, and to promote the district as a great place to live, work, learn and do business.

Transit: Providing multiple transit options is critical for reducing traffic congestion. Transportation continues to be a key issue for me. I facilitated a Third Ward Transportation Summit to look at the effect transportation was having on neighborhoods and economic development. Significant changes are already underway with the Central Corridor Light Rail linking downtown Minneapolis to the University of Minnesota to Downtown St. Paul.

Business Development: The Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership is a nonprofit group supported by the City of Minneapolis, the State of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Parks Board. It is charged with visioning development all along the Mississippi riverfront, from North Minneapolis to St. Paul. The first phase of work will be to implement the “Above the Falls Plan” plan. I will continue to advocate that these development efforts extend through the Marcy-Holmes area.

Community Engagement

Communities can resolve problems and create opportunities when diverse groups of people come together to talk. That’s why I sponsor the yearly NeighborhoodFEST to give those who live and work in the Third Ward an opportunity to build connections and learn from one another.

Moving Forward

As your City Council member, I will continue to listen and create ongoing opportunities for community engagement. I will ensure your voice and views are heard as new developments emerge.